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Changzhou Handi Motor

Changzhou Handi Motor Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known motor supplier with high ability of R&D and manufacture. Handi motor specializes in Spindle Motors , hybrid stepping Motors, brushless DC Motors, and different kinds of Mini engraving machines. In the same time, driving control design and micro-motor solutions are also available in Handi motor. The product are widely used in automotive, industrial area and home appliances.

Handi motor′s headquarter locates in Changzhou, and has one R&D center and two manufacturing bases. By continuously developing, Handi motor becomes a competitive -motor-solution supplier, which has the features of management informationization, R&D projectization, manufacturing base and marketing globalization. 

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Changzhou Handi Motor Science and Technology

Changzhou Handi Motor Science and Technology

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